About Drug Use Is Life Abuse


The abuse of drugs in Orange County continues to threaten the lives of our young people and the future of our society. Burglary, robbery, and violent crime continue to be major problems, and the direct causal relationship between drug use and criminal behavior has been clearly established. Addiction, injury and loss of life are often the effects of abuse. The individual, the family and all of society are at risk unless we change the prevailing tolerant attitude toward drug usage and become committed to the goal of a drug free society.

Drug Use is Life Abuse, a support group of the Orange County Sheriff’s Advisory Council, was formed in response to this pressing need. The organization endeavors to bring together leaders in business, government, education, religion, families, and law enforcement to work together towards changing the way society perceives drug use.

Our Goals

  • To initiate action and coordinate efforts to bring the message “Drug Use is Life Abuse” to every citizen of Orange County.
  • To provide tangible support for our citizens, particularly our young people, to let them know that they are not alone in the campaign to create a drug free society.
  • To rally support within the entire Orange County community to make the commitment to accomplish their goals.
  • To empower each citizen to make a personal commitment not to abuse drugs and to enable them to encourage others to make this commitment.
  • To help our young people find positive ways of dealing with the stress of growing up through the encouragement of life-positive programs.

Drug Use is Life Abuse (DUILA) is a creator, trainer, and coordinator of effective community responses to youth substance abuse and violence.  As a  501(c)(3) nonprofit, the organization has educated children, families, schools, employers, and the community since 1987.

School-based prevention programs, augmented with support activities, form our foundation.  The four cornerstones of the DUILA experience are youth leadership development, community service opportunities, teambuilding, and professional networking to make a difference-together.

The results?  Young Orange County citizens head towards bright futures, armed with the needed skills, knowledge, resources, confidence, and motivation to actively assist their communities.