DUILA’S Prevention Education Programs

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Programs For Children and Youth

Examples of DUILA prevention programs (taught in schools by uniformed deputies and trained student-peer counselors) include:

Elementary School - Kindergarten through Sixth Grade

Elementary School Students: Free From Drugs, Positively kNOw Drugs, and Positively kNOw
Violence have gained national attention for exemplary ability to reach elementary school students.

Education of our children is the primary goal of Drug Use Is Life Abuse. Working in cooperation with educators, law enforcement, business leaders and artists at Disney Studios, an education program was developed to reach school children in grades K-3. Skippy, Spike and Wise Owl Mike, three characters developed at Disney, come to life singing and dancing their "Drug Free Rap" to students. Skippy (a hand puppet) and a law enforcement officer also present an anti-drug curriculum and colorful take home materials


Deputy Steve Garrison from the Orange County Sheriff's Department teaches a drug education course.

Deputy Chris Anderson teaches drug education classes to elementary school children.

Middle School

Middle School Students: Next Step and Tools for Tolerance arm middle
school students with information and strategies for drug-free and violence-free
lives at the time when most experimentation begins.

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High School

High School student leaders were crucial in developing the Drug Use Is Life Abuse message. Teenagers serve on the Drug Use Is Life Abuse Board of Directors and some have traveled to Washington, D.C. to appear before the President's Drug Advisory Council. These dedicated young persons are also instrumental in the success of Students Against Drug Abuse (SADA), a student organization whose members participate in community events and develop their own special projects like the widely distributed anti-drug newsletter, "Whitelines."

Deputy Brett Renfeldt heads the Next Step/IMPACT program for the high schools.


Programs For Adults Who Interact With Children and Youth

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Employers
  • Seniors

DUILA staff conduct educational presentations and interactive “Town Hall” meetings for parents, teachers, employers and seniors. Topics are customized for each group, usually centering on substance abuse, gangs, and violence.

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