What IMPACT is all about….

To draw students to the Drug Use is Life Abuse cause, connect them with other drug-free students, nurture them in a drug-free lifestyle, and challenge them to discover and develop their unique skills in order to make an IMPACT on society by reducing teen drug use and violence.

Reducing Teen Violence and Drug Use by…..

  • Utilizing Drug Use is Life Abuse and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department to promote drug education and awareness.
  • Connecting drug free teens with other drug free teens throughout Orange County.
    Planning and organizing community service projects that minimize the affects of drugs and violence.

To connect teens with other teens through….

  • Monthly meetings discussing issues and alternatives to drugs and gangs.
  • Publishing and distributing THE ORANGE COUNTY QUEST, a quarterly magazine written by teens.
  • Planning and organizing community service projects.

IMPACTing the community…..

  • Refurbishing poverty stricken homes and community centers in gang populated areas.
  • Sponsoring an annual Holiday party for drug exposed children and their guardians.


  • Developing leadership skills through training and active participation in all aspects of our organization.
  • Participating in the annual Community Anti-Drug Coalition of America Leadership Forum held in Washington D.C.
  • Utilizing, organizing and focusing on the talents of all IMPACT members.

Leadership development….

  • Training
    • Leadership classes facilitated by Orange County Sheriff deputies and DUILA staff
  • Organization/Planning
    • Preparing and facilitating monthly meetings.
    • Planning and organizing community projects.
  • Fulfillment
    • Success in completing the projects from start to finish.
    • Realizing importance of their role in their community,
    • The IMPACT they made in the lives of others.

    Deputy Brett Renfeldt

Students Making a Difference…

  • Jessica Hulsey, former president of IMPACT is currently on staff with the Washington D. C. based Community Anti-Drug Coalition of America.
  • Former IMPACT students have graduated or are currently enrolled in the nation’s most prestigious universities such as, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Berkley, Chapman and Boston University.
  • IMPACT students actively participate on the board of Drug Use Is Life Abuse, a nationally recognized coalition in the war on drugs. Their votes and opinions are weighed equally along with the adult community leaders appointed to the board.

IMPACT’s Mission

To maintain open communication with today’s youth and provide a forum for teens to develop leadership skills that encourage the reduction of teen violence and drug use. Through education, awareness, and community service today’s youth can and will make an IMPACT!

National Leadership Forum

Information about the National Leadership Forum

Drug Use Is Life Abuse | P.O. Box 28 | Santa Ana, CA 92702