Elementary School Aged Children

For over 32 years, Drug Use is Life Abuse and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department have provided quality drug prevention education to Orange County schools free of charge.  The Positively Know Drugs program was developed by educators and law enforcement professionals in cooperation with the University of California, Irvine.  It consists of six 50 minute sessions taught by Orange County Deputy Sheriffs specially trained to deliver the Positively Know Drugs curriculum.  Students can expect to learn

  • What is a drug and how it effects the body
  • The difference between street drugs and prescription medicine
  • Safe use of prescription and over the counter medicines
  • The danger of using the following substances
  1. Tobacco products
  2. Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems
  3. Alcoholic beverages
  4. Stimulants
  5. Depressants
  6. Quaaludes
  7. Hallucinogens
  8. LSD
  9. Marijuana
  10. Steroids
  • Social, legal and physical consequences of using abusive substances
  • Refusal skills
  • Negative peer group/gang awareness
  • Bullying prevention

 Each session can be presented to an individual class of students or to a combination of classes.  The students targeted for this education are those in the highest grade level of the requesting elementary school (typically grades 5 or 6). 

For more information or to request a class, contact the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Public Affairs and Community Engagement Division at (714) 647-4133.


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Elementary School Aged Children


Dangers of gang activity, graffiti, vandalism and an anti-bullying test.



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