Membership – The many faces of making a difference

We welcome your interest, and encourage you to join in our mission. There are so many ways to help! We could not operate without the generous members who donate the funds, in-kind services, and supplies needed to operate DUILA’s programs. Volunteers who donate their specialty skills and equipment during a specific project (for example, research and evaluations, technology improvements, or fundraising efforts) help us improve our services and efficiency. Members who help us market the Drug Use is Life Abuse message amplify our outreach strategies.

Here are some more suggestions:

Teach your children about the dangers of substance abuse. Support their participation in healthy alternatives.

Mentor a child who needs a role model and adult confidant during their critical developmental years.

Join or Create a substance abuse task force for your city.

Imprint the Drug Use Is Life Abuse logo on your business and personal print materials such as stationery, checks, advertising, and newsletters. (Call us for artwork – it’s free!)

Display a Drug Use Is Life Abuse bumper sticker on your car, or a Drug Use Is Life Abuse pin on your lapel.

Participate in your school’s Red Ribbon Week activities. Sign the pledge card, take the walk, volunteer to help out.

Schedule a presentation for your employees, professional association, or neighborhood parents.

Write or Call your local, state, and federal legislators to tell them youth substance abuse prevention is important to you! Request their voting support for continued funding of prevention work.

Organization Structure

The Board of Directors of Drug Use Is Life Abuse is proud of its members and is pleased you have made a commitment to join this organization to help solve the drug problem which is plaguing Orange County.

Drug Use Is Life Abuse is a support group of the Orange County Sheriff’s Advisory Council (the “Council”), a California non-profit corporation. The Council is an exempt charitable organization under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code and the correlative provision of California law (Tax I.D. #95-3498487).

As a support group of the Council, Drug Use is Life Abuse is not a separate legal entity.  While it operates under its own set of bylaws with its own organizational structure and governing body, it is part of, and is a supporting organization of, the Council.  Contributions to the organization are tax deductible as its resources may be utilized for charitable purposes.  Drug Use Is Life Abuse is managed by a governing board which includes up to 40 community and business leaders, educators, religious leaders, concerned individuals and students.  Two position on the Drug Use Is Life Abuse governing board are reserved for members of the Council’s Board of Directors.

The Drug Use Is Life Abuse Executive Director manages the day-to-day activities of the organization, subject to the directives of the governing board of Drug Use Is Life Abuse.

How to Apply:

The Board of Directors of Drug Use is Life Abuse is proud of its members and pleased you have made a commitment to join this organization to help solve the drug problem which is plaguing Orange County.

To apply for membership on the Board of Directors, it is necessary for you to complete the application below, print and sign the “Statement of Commitment” and submit both along with your resume to or mail it to:

 Drug Use Is Life Abuse

PO Box 28

                                                                  Santa Ana, CA  92702   

During the application process, Board members and the Executive Director will meet with you to discuss the requirements for board membership, including the kinds of personal commitments asked for from members of the Board of Directors.  The success of the Drug Use Is Life Abuse organization is based on the many personal commitments we have received and continue to receive from our many supporters.

Should you have any questions about the application of the Drug Use Is Life Abuse organization, please call either the office at 714-647-4135 or call the Board member who is sponsoring you.

    Don’t Be Shy. Get In Touch.

    If you are interested in working together, send us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can!


    Drug Use Is Life Abuse – Project No Gangs
    P.O. Box 28, Santa Ana, CA 92702-0028

    Phone: 714.647.4593

    Fax: 714.647.4109