In 1987, street drugs caused the death of 12 Orange County youth, and factored heavily in violent incidents that killed or permanently injured many more. Death found youth regardless of gender, culture, family stability, neighborhood, or grade point average. The harm did not stop with the individual youth, but rippled out to injure all aspects of the Orange County community: families, neighbors, schools, and employers.

DUILA’s founders realized it would “take a village” to keep our children safe through their most vulnerable years. Pooled resources and effort from every aspect of the community were needed to effectively combat the allure of street drugs and gangs. The founders banded together to create the first generation of DUILA’s membership, prevention programs, support activities, and community outreach needed to meet the goal of protecting millions of Orange County children and youth. Their hard work received national and Presidential acclaim, and DUILA programs have subsequently been replicated in numerous U.S. and international communities.



DUILA continues to perform as an ongoing catalyst, creator, trainer, and coordinator of effective community responses to your substance abuse and violence.  Under-18 youth are the primary focus.

Prevention education programs in the schools, augmented with support activities, form our foundation.  The four cornerstones of the DUILA experience are youth leadership development, community service opportunities, teambuilding, and professional networking.  The results?  Young people with the skills, knowledge, and resources, needed for successful futures, and the motivation, confidence, and leadership skills needed to actively assist their communities.

Prevention & Funding

Studies have shown substance abuse prevention is extremely cost effective.  Unfortunately, prevention work is not a one-time problem solution.  Prevention programs must be provided on a consistent basis because:

♦  Thousands more OC children reach the age of experimentation every day.

♦  Issues and dangers vary gratly among age groups, requiring a series of age-appropriate programs to experience as the child matures.

♦  Thousands more youth of all ages move here from other areas, importing a wealth of misinformation and risky practices to their new OC friends.

♦  The substances being marketed to youth change frequently.

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