Orange County Sheriff’s Advisory Council

Orange County Sheriff’s Advisory Council (O.C.S.A.C.) – was formed in 1979 as a California non-profit corporation for the purpose of supporting local law enforcement. Public safety agencies must compete for scarce tax dollars with other public entities in government. Funding is not always available no matter how necessary and worthy a particular request might be. It is on these occasions that the Advisory Council renders vital assistance.

Some of the equipment and projects funded by this group have been PROJECT 999, which provides financial assistance to the families of officers killed in the line of duty, and the Peace Officer’s Memorial erected in the County Courthouse Plaza of the Flags. Today, many city police officers in Orange County wear bulletproof vests donated by O.C.S.A.C. Laser Village, a state-of-the-art firearms training complex situated at the Sheriff’s Training Center, was built with money and materials donated by O.C.S.A.C. members. A mobile home specially designed and equipped to act as a command post for the Sheriff’s Tactical Support Team (S.W.A.T.) was provided by the generosity of one member of O.C.S.A.C. Police dogs trained to aid in routine patrol or to sniff out narcotics and bombs have also been provided by the Advisory Council. In the 19 years since O.C.S.A.C. was founded, over $1.5 million have been contributed for a safer Orange County.

O.C.S.A.C. is a direct supporter of the Drug Use Is Life Abuse program in the help to promote change in the prevailing tolerant attitude toward drug usage among local children and teens. They assist the Community Services Office of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department providing drug abuse education to local school authority and the general public with many of its highly informative seminars.

There are approximately 560 business and community leaders who are members of the Advisory Council. The Board of Directors meets quarterly to discuss the needs of the local peace officer community.

Mission Statement:
To support the law enforcement community of Orange County when the necessary funds needed to support their missions are restricted or limited. Particularly they provide financial assistance to the families of officers killed or injured in the line of duty, the Medal of Valor recognition awards and the Peace Officers’ Memorial.

Winter Shoot event provided OC Sheriff’s Advisory Council members to help understand the various aspects of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. OCSD’s nationally recognized S.W.A.T. team educates council members on the their equipment. This event help fund the purchase of new S.W.A.T. helmets.

SAC members shoot with S.W.A.T. team.

SAC members shooting inside an indoor tactical training facility. Simulated shooting senarios
at an advanced shooting simulator.

S.W.A.T. member assists SAC member with automatic weapon.

SAC member dons S.W.A.T. gear.

For additional information about the Sheriff’s Advisory Council or for an membership application, please call Marilyn MacDougall or Kim Magdaleno at 714-647-4593 or email